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(TopDerek Lam 10 CrosbyJeans-Genetic JeansShoes-Casadei,

Bag-Alexander WangSunglasses-Stella McCartney)

photos by Tabi Bonney

Ok, so this is my first outfit post and it has taken me two days to write it. Why, you may ask? Well, simply I overthink everything (I'm a Libra) my brain goes a million miles a minute, I get all wordy and tongue tied and I end up going on and on and on,  Which I am doing at this precise moment. So, I finally said to myself, SELF, just be your natural self and c'est la vie......  I hope through this blog I can encourage you to express yourselves in your own organic way. Take some risks in all aspects of your life. Get out of your comfort zone and try new things! And I hope along the way I can inspire you both visually and creatively. Enough of all that, lets get to the important stuff, the clothes!... I am a huge denim head, pretty much I am in some kind of denim or sweat pant ensemble on any given day. These particular jeans are somewhere between a boyfriend cut and mom jeans, so you want to make sure you balance them out with something more delicate on top and pair with a classic pump or ballet flat. Since I'm a bit vertically challenged (ok, I'm really short) I styled my jeans with a crop top and my favorite pumps to elongate my frame.  If I teach you nothing else, proportions are your best friend! 



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(Top-MM6 Maison Margiela, Jeans-R13, Shoes-B Brian Atwood)

Photo by Tabi Bonney

I'm constantly looking for interesting locations to shoot around LA, and seriously no better place then downtown. There is always some sort of surprise waiting to happen just around the corner. And low and behold I turn the corner and alas a forklift. I think we can all agree when you see a forklift in the middle of the city, you drop everything and do a photo shoot. Am I right? I think so....  Coincidentally I just happen to be wearing a top that doubles as a bandana or a tablecloth (construction worker chic) so basically today was a good day. I immediately fell in like with this top, as I am a huge fan of simplicity with a twist. I tend to be attracted to pieces that take a classic silhouette, like a mens button up shirt but have some sort of interesting drama or edge to them. I love the ease of this top, as you just button, wrap and go! Icing on the cake is that it is versatile in the way it can styled. If you have the gams for it, wear on its on with a pair of strappy heels or for a more layered look, throw on with a pair of skinny jeans or black leather pants if your looking for a bit more of a rock in roll vibe... Need to go from day to night? Grab an oversized boyfriend blazer and throw over your shoulders.



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(Denim jacket- vintage levis, denim skirt- oneteaspoon, Shoes- brian atwood,

belt- my moms, watch- vintage concord)

photos by andrea gagne


There is nothing more classic then the perfectly worn in vintage Levis jeans or denim jacket. Not a day goes by for the most part that I am not in in some sort of denim ensemble. Whether it be a pair of jeans or jean shirt or jacket.  I believe that every single person should own at least one pair of really good pair of jeans. Especially since now a days it is acceptable to wear jeans to almost any function, dressy or not! My sister wore a denim jacket over her wedding dress and it was perfection! So naturally when I get to wear an entire outfit made up of denim, I am in my happy place. I literally click my heels together and say, "there's no place like home". One of my favorite denim lines is Australian born Oneteaspoon. Every single pair of their jeans has a worn in lived in feeling as if you have had them since high school. And lets be honest shall we? There is nothing better in this world then when you finally get your jeans to the point where they feel like a second skin. I knew when I found this skirt, it would be in constant rotation. It is so versatile and again can take you from day to night. I had originally thrown on a tshirt and vintage reworked denim jacket but the jacket was a tad too boxy. So I grabbed an old belt that I stole from my mom about 10 years ago, Shhhh don't tell her, wrapped it around my waist to cinch in and voila a denim baby was born. 



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(eyelet skirt-tibi, crop top-tibi, leather jacket-zara, purse-dolce and gabbana,

shoes-brian atwood, sunglasses-stella mccartney)

photos and video by tabi bonney

I am much more of a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl. However, on the rare occasion or two you will find me in a skirt or dress, I lean towards a very classic, lady like vibe. I like to pretend that I am Audrey Hepburn in "Breakfast at Tiffany's" strolling down 5th avenue without a care in the world. A girl can dream right? Anywho, Tibi has been one of my all time favorite designers for as long as I can remember, especially in my days of living in New York in the summer time. Every piece has an airy no fuss feel. Somehow they manage to capture classic and timeless with an urban feel to their pieces. This skirt/ top combo are no exception. I am usually scared to death of wearing white as I am a bit or a lot a bit OCD and if I get one bit of dirt on me, I actually freak out. However, I couldn't pass this skirt up. It has a little bit of everything I love. The eyelet pattern and pleating add an interesting texture and shape. And it has pockets. So by default it is pretty much the best thing in existence. Anything high waisted I love as it is the best way to show off your waist. Just remember you always want to pair something high wasted with a crop top or something tucked in so your shape does not get lost. Whenever I wear something that leans towards the softer side, I tend to throw on something with more of an edge. In this instant a motorcycle jacket with silver details to toughen up the look.