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(t-shirt-splendid, trench coat-zara, jeans-maje, booties-tracy reese, hat- sorbatti)

(images by tabi bonney)


This outfit combines two of my favorite fall staples, the oh so necessary ankle bootie and the perfect transition coat aka the trench coat. Two pieces that as far as I am concerned are a must have for fall. Since I tend to keep my outfits pretty casual, the combo of these booties and trench coat gave me just the right amount of edge I was looking for. I probably have about a dozen or so ankle boots some are flat, others sky high while some are studded.... all mostly of course black. I seem to always revisit these Tracy Reese ones again and again. They just look amazing with everything from jeans of course to slacks, to a great skirt or dress. The color and texture is what I really love about them, as they allow me to have a little pop o color amongst the sea of black I typically wear.

Ok so now onto the trench coat. I suggest as your reading this to not walk but run to go buy this ever so important fall staple. Most trenches are light enough weight to layer underneath them, which is why I say the trench is a must have piece. As most of us are not ready to commit to a heavy coat just yet. Mostly I am talking about myself. This recent Zara find was exactly what I needed to freshen up my fall uniform. The color and material just elevate a simple look of jeans and a tshirt for a very polished put together look, all without looking like you tried to hard.