Miriam Sternoff


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(Denim jacket- vintage levis, denim skirt- oneteaspoon, Shoes- brian atwood,

belt- my moms, watch- vintage concord)

photos by andrea gagne


There is nothing more classic then the perfectly worn in vintage Levis jeans or denim jacket. Not a day goes by for the most part that I am not in in some sort of denim ensemble. Whether it be a pair of jeans or jean shirt or jacket.  I believe that every single person should own at least one pair of really good pair of jeans. Especially since now a days it is acceptable to wear jeans to almost any function, dressy or not! My sister wore a denim jacket over her wedding dress and it was perfection! So naturally when I get to wear an entire outfit made up of denim, I am in my happy place. I literally click my heels together and say, "there's no place like home". One of my favorite denim lines is Australian born Oneteaspoon. Every single pair of their jeans has a worn in lived in feeling as if you have had them since high school. And lets be honest shall we? There is nothing better in this world then when you finally get your jeans to the point where they feel like a second skin. I knew when I found this skirt, it would be in constant rotation. It is so versatile and again can take you from day to night. I had originally thrown on a tshirt and vintage reworked denim jacket but the jacket was a tad too boxy. So I grabbed an old belt that I stole from my mom about 10 years ago, Shhhh don't tell her, wrapped it around my waist to cinch in and voila a denim baby was born.