Miriam Sternoff


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(silk blouse-rag and bone, jeans-zara, sneakers-nike

sunglasses-slimskii, gold bangles, santee alley DTLA)

I believe every person should have certain basic staples in their closet for go to's. A silky blouse is one of those that all women (and some men) should always have. They are  just so effortless and sexy without trying to hard. I tend to always go for a looser fit for a more relaxed feel, that way you can wear casually with jeans or dress up with trousers or a skirt.  I love dressing down a silky button up, as it still gives you a polished, pulled together look when paired with jeans and sneakers. As a stylist I am running in and out of meetings. schlepping bags of clothes. Yes some of us still carry our own bags! So I always need to be comfortable yet pulled together.