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It isn't every day that you get to eat, sleep, and work with your husband. To some that may sound a bit excessive, but for me it was one of the most amazing experiences to date. Filming our show Kosher Soul for Lifetime was such an adventure, not only because it was an experience of a lifetime ( no pun intended) but to also be able to create something with your significant other that you are so passionate about is a rarity. During our time filming Kosher Soul, we were asked to do countless photo shoots and interviews to talk about our show and what it means to break cultural boundaries as an interfaith, interracial couple. So when we had the opportunity to do a full blown fashion editorial for Galore Magazine, we jumped at the chance. As O'neal and I both come from a styling background, it isn't everyday we get to style ourselves and be in front of the camera. Cannot thank the team at Galore magazine enough for allowing us to share our story, our amazing makeup artist Nadia Mohammadpour and lastly, this shoot could not have come together without Landis Smithers who captured us picture perfect. Please read the full interview here.

1 :: blouse- L'agence, pants-amercian apparel, shoes- brian atwood. O'neal wearing, shearling coat- maison martin margiela, shirt/jeans-topshop, boots- barneys co-op, chain-versace // 2 :: muscle shirt-kelly cole, hat- bought in Italy, necklaces- escape from paris.  O'neal wearing, military jacket- custom, hat- goorin brothers // 3 :: lace dress- m.berlinger, belt- hermes. O'neal wearing, tuxedo-topshop // 4:: kimono coat with fur sleeves- vintage, bandeaux- american apparel, pants- viktor and rolfe. O'neal wearing, coat- mason martin marginal, shirt/jeans-topshop, chain-versace //5:: sheer leopard dress- h&m. O'neal wearing, fur coat- bally