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(plaid shirt- topshop, jeans, r-13, leather jacket- zara, purse- prada

suede pumps- christian louboutin, sunglasses- stella mccartney)

(photo by tabi bonney)

Basics, timeless, classic..... three words that equal my style motto. As you are learning through this little fashion journey of mine, is that I am really very simplistic with my style. I believe less is more, (unless we are talking about accessories, in that case pile on everything you have and then pile on more). But we can discuss that in another blog post.  I really do believe that you can dress up most anything in your closet, especially when you are working with basic pieces that can all go together. Ok, put on my to do list of posts " 10 basics that all women should have in their closets". 6 out of those 10 I have on on this moment. can you guess them? The one I want to point out today, is the pump. The most versatile of the shoe species. Clean lines, no fuss, goes with anything. Whether your a dress girl or a jeans and t-shirt kind of a gal like me, the pump is an instant pick me up. Like folgers coffee, but not all. Just remember these fall in to the category of investment pieces, hence the whole classic, timeless thing. So if you need to start a pump fund jar then do just that, as you will want these to last. Oh and start simple with a neutral color like black, nude or grey.