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(TopDerek Lam 10 CrosbyJeans-Genetic JeansShoes-Casadei,

Bag-Alexander WangSunglasses-Stella McCartney)

photos by Tabi Bonney

Ok, so this is my first outfit post and it has taken me two days to write it. Why, you may ask? Well, simply I overthink everything (I'm a Libra) my brain goes a million miles a minute, I get all wordy and tongue tied and I end up going on and on and on,  Which I am doing at this precise moment. So, I finally said to myself, SELF, just be your natural self and c'est la vie......  I hope through this blog I can encourage you to express yourselves in your own organic way. Take some risks in all aspects of your life. Get out of your comfort zone and try new things! And I hope along the way I can inspire you both visually and creatively. Enough of all that, lets get to the important stuff, the clothes!... I am a huge denim head, pretty much I am in some kind of denim or sweat pant ensemble on any given day. These particular jeans are somewhere between a boyfriend cut and mom jeans, so you want to make sure you balance them out with something more delicate on top and pair with a classic pump or ballet flat. Since I'm a bit vertically challenged (ok, I'm really short) I styled my jeans with a crop top and my favorite pumps to elongate my frame.  If I teach you nothing else, proportions are your best friend!