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(top/culottes- club monaco, sandals- charles jourdan, knit sweater- zara)

(photos by o'neal mcknight)

Ok, finally getting to all my vacation pics from the last couple weeks from both our anniversary get away to Palm Springs, and our memorial day weekend in Montauk with my family. There were so many amazing moments and images to capture from PS, I though I would break them into two different posts. So here is the first.... Palm Springs is seriously one of my favorite places on earth. I  love that I can drive 1.5 out of LA and end up in both a desert oasis and also a colorful time warp (more colorful time-warp next post). There is nothing more beautiful then the drive into Palm Springs. The neutral colors and textures up against the backdrop of bright blue skies is electrifying. Basically the perfect place for a quick photo op. And a quick photo op it was, as the winds were so strong, we were getting blown all over the place, which was a win for me as the wind picked up my pleated culottes that I am beyond obsessed with. And let's not forget the matching pleated top. Some ppl have started calling these matching two sets, co-ords, but I think I'm going to go with twosies. Way more fun to say, and totally fitting.