Miriam Sternoff


Miriam SternoffComment

(blazer- zara, bodysuit- american apparel, crop pant- zara

shoes- jerome c. rousseau, sunglasses- polaroid)

(photos by tabi bonney)

Crop pants, culottes, knickers....whatever you want to call them are a very big trend right now, which for me is a blessing and a curse. Ever since I was a little girl I always have worn this style pant, and always have about 3 versions of this silhouette in my closet.  I have never been one to follow trends much, so when a particular style of clothing that I have always worn becomes a "trend" I like to put them in the back of my closet and save them for when they are not a trend anymore. example Birkenstocks..... I am born and raised in Seattle so it is just in my DNA to wear them.  I mean lets face it, who wants to look like everyone else? In this case, I have to make an exception to the rule though as if I didn't I would have to go buy a new wardrobe and nobody got time for that. And not for nothing whenever I can find a pant that I can wear multiple style shoes with is a win win for me. Lastly, nothing sexier then showing off a little ankle, you know what I mean? My version of subtle sexiness.