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Mellow Yellow

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(top/culottes- zara, sandals, charles jourdin, clutch- sandro)

(photos by o'neal mcknight)

The past few weeks have been a whirlwind of activity. From our quick one year anniversary trip to our favorite spot Palm Springs, to a long memorial day weekend in the Montauk with my family. To then come back to LA to get booked on an amazing project with Degree deodorant and So You Think You Can Dance, and lastly to get some very exciting news which I will share at a later date when i can talk more about it. So needless to say I have not had a chance to post all the pics from our travels. So here is finally the second installment of pics from our Palm Springs gets away. As I mentioned in my first post about our trip, one of the things I love most about Palm Springs are all the different colors and textures. From the stark desert to the all the vibrant colors, it is just a melting pot of visual goodness. The Saguaro hotel has been favorite of ours, as it was the very first place we stayed together in Palm Springs. We just fell in love with the Saguaro, as it feels like you are taken back in time to what I imagine what the 50's were like in Palm Springs. The colors are so alive and vibrant. The pool is not over saturated with the who's, who's. You can just sit and chill, listen to good music and soak up the sun. It has such kitchy, retro vibe that I just adore. So what better way to ring in our first year together as a married couple, then bringing it back to this magnificent place we discovered together. Whenever I go to Palm Springs, I tend to leave my normal black on black ensembles at home and opt for full on color and prints. And because it is so hot, I only pack flowy,airy feeling pieces that can breath, so I am not sweating in places I didn't know possible. So in short I basically wear my same exact uniform, but in color... I hope you enjoy my little visual diary of our PS getaway.