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(all clothing- isabel de pedro, hat- j,crew, shoes- jean michele cazabat, watch- daniel wellington)

(images by tabi bonney)


As a stylist I am lucky enough to have relationships with designers and showrooms to get a sneak peak of collections before they hit the mass market. Now it isn't often that I come across a designer let alone a whole collection that I NEED, and yes I said NEED in my closet. It's a similar feeling to when I see a bowl of pasta and scream get in my belly! I just cannot resist. You get it right?! Ok, so this is the case with the Autumn 2015 collection from Isabel De Pedro. I don't even know where to begin to describe how much I love this collection. From all the simple yet intricate draping to the elegant fabrics to the subtle yet striking prints.  This whole collection just screams my name, every piece can be worn dressed up or down and has just the most perfect effortless vibe to them. I can only give thanks to the fabulous Biannti who introduced me to the glorious line of Isabel.

Biannti is an L.A. based designer and stylist, who created a WARDROBE DESIGN SERVICES and SHOPPING STUDIO with a personal one on one approach to the ART of Dressing. The minute you step foot into Biannti's showroom you are immediately met with an intimate setting that is all about you and your personal needs. Biannti will not only show you the newest collections of great European designers as well as her namesake label, Biannti label. But also help you curate and pair your closet down to all the must have yet effortlessly chic basics that every woman needs. You no longer need to stand before a closet crowded with confusing choices, paralyzed with indecision. To make your personal appointment with Biannti call or email 818.995.7060 biannti@biannti.com.