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(Jumpsuit-O'2nd, Leather jacket-zara, shoes-christian louboutin)

(photos by tabi bonney)

Since I can remember I have always worn jumpsuits, or onesies as I like to call them. Something about a one piece just oozes ease, elegance and comfort, even when it leans towards the dressier side. I hit the jackpot when I found this one by O'2nd. If any article of clothing screams me, this is the one that could define me. Drapey, yet structured, black the only color really in the world, interesting details, and maybe the most important can be worn with flats or heels. SO basically the perfect onesie known to man. I threw mine on with a leather jacket to add some layering as, well I always wear my leather jacket.... Blazer, oversize cardigan throw a t-shirt underneath or just plain ol by itself are perfectly acceptable options for this most perfect onesie.