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(top- club monaco, jeans- j. brand, sunglasses- moscot, shoes- dolce vita

shirt around waist-vintage levis)

(photos by tabi bonney)

So many people ask me what my method is when putting looks together both for my everyday life and now specifically for my blog posts. Well this answer may not please everyone, but I have to say honestly, I don't really have one. Aside from a big event or wedding, I have never been someone who plans ahead of time what I put on. A big part of that is, being that I dress people for a living and am in and out of stores all day looking at clothes,  so I tend to fill my closet with great basics so I don't have to think. Another part of the non process is I tend to go off of how I feel that particular day. If I feel like wearing sweats, than I do. If I feel like wearing a ball gown then so be it. When I force myself to wear something and am not comfortable, I just am not fully myself and am focused on feeling uncomfortable rather then what is ahead of me. One of the main things I always say to my clients is, we can always elevate your style, but if you do not feel confident in what you are wearing then you don't look confident.  This look was one of those days that I just wasn't feeling amazing about what I was wearing. I realized it was because I was a bit uncomfortable as I usually have a longer top on because I like to cover my backside. Call me a prude I suppose... Once I threw on my vintage levis shirt, I immediately felt better and walked out the door. So moral of the story is always have sense of your own personality in your clothes, don't get lost in someone else's uniform. As that will shine through and exude confidence regardless of your style!