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(dress- topshop, clogs- dolce vita, sunglasses- valentino, bag- vince)

Let's talk about clogs. I don't know about some of you, but clogs have such a nostalgic feel for me. When I was about 6 maybe 7, my mom had a pair of custom burgundy suede clogs made for me and I lived in them. I was completely hooked then and have always been since. Sadly I outgrew those and didn't put another pair on my feet till the 90's when for a brief second they were cool and then just like that with all trends it faded. Well as I am not one for trends,  I continued to wear them through high school even though I got teased by all the people who had just worn them when they were "in".  Cut to a few years ago and my sister started wearing them with high waisted jeans and a top tucked in a la Olivia Newton-John in Grease. And again I was hooked. Although unfair that I do not look like my sister who's legs are taller then my whole body but that's a whole other conversation.  From the moment I saw my sister in them, I went on a hunt for some and because I have the smallest feet known to man, could not find a pair in my size that did not look like a kids shoe. So about 5 years in the making, I have finally found my pair from Dolce Vita gods. Now what do I like about clogs you ask? Well, they instantaneously give any outfit not only a retro feel which I love, but can be thrown on with the most basic of pieces like jeans and a t-shirt and it just looks cool and effortless. The best part is they really can be worn in the summer with a cute little dress or shorts.  And can transition you into fall paired with jeans and chunky sweater or throw on a pair of opaque tights or chunky socks and a dress. 

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