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(sweater vest-topshop, long sleeve top-LNA, culottes-zara(similar here), boots-sergio rossi

clutch-maje, sunglasses-balenciaga

(photos by onealmcknight)


As I venture further into my pregnancy, I realize that as far as getting dressed everyday practicality is my main focus lately. I feel determined to work with what I have, for as long as I can. I clearly have had to buy a few things to accommodate my growing bump, but in doing so I have been conscious to buy a few pieces that I can transition into my wardrobe postpartum and beyond. These culottes from ZARA, are a recent purchase and I couldn't be happier with the decision. I clearly had to go up a size, but this is an item that can easily be tailored in the waist to then work after baby. Not everything is so easy to tailor to fit a size or two down to your original size, so it is important to look for certain details.  Make sure that there are clean, easy seams either in back or up the sides so when tailoring is done it doesn't look messy. Delicate fabrics like silk will be a little trickier and more expensive, so try to stick with pieces that are cotton or durable fabrics. Pre pregnancy, post pregnancy or if you are someone who wants to lose a little weight or in the middle of losing,  a belt can also be a great addition to your wardrobe to help break up an outfit.