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(long sleeve top-LNA, tunic-zara, denim-melting pot, coat-zara

brogues-steve madden (similar here), cross body bag-vince)

(photos by andrea gagne)

As I head into the New Year, life as I've been used to is slowly about to change. It took me some time to put it out there to the world, but I am so happy to announce that I am a week shy of being 5 months pregnant with my first child. As I sit and write this post I actually keep tearing up, as this is something that has been long awaited for me and my husband. I have never been that girly girl who thought far into the future about the wedding and the dress.... but the one thing I always knew was that I  always wanted to be a mom. I thought it would have happened at a much younger age, however as they say timing is everything and right now could not be more perfect. I have a little over a year and half of marriage under my belt and we are stronger then ever. Not to get all sappy but there really is nothing like pregnancy to bring two people closer together. As excited as I am to meet this new life, I am trying to soak in every minute of the next few months where it will just be two of us. I guess that makes all my nights over the past few weeks or should I say months sitting on the couch acceptable?! 

When I first found out I was pregnant I told myself that I was lucky in the way of clothes, as my typical style is drapey, slouchy, oversized... You get the picture. I had nothing to worry about, all my soft pants as I like to call them, which really means elastic waist would carry me through quite some time. Then reality hit! They all hit me right in the middle of my belly which was so uncomfortable. My belly wasn't big enough for them to sit under so I just ended up looking like the penguin from Batman. I was and still am ok at this point in the way of tops as everything I own for the most part was oversized to start with. So began the dilemma of the bottom half. And I profusely refuse to buy maternity clothes (especially maternity jeans) for several reasons. Really because you spend money on new things that you only wear for a few short months and that idea just seems silly to me. Obviously you have to buy some new additions as its just not realistic that you won't have to. So here in particular is my solution on how to keep wearing your current jeans without buying maternity ones.  If you wear a lot of denim as I do buy button extenders or a Bellaband which I am anxiously awaiting to arrive any day now.  So in the meantime I have been using button extenders that I ordered on Amazon. They will give you an inch to an inch and a half of extra room in your waist. They have literally been my life saver and am wearing with my denim above. Especially helpful with skinny jeans, which you do not need to give up! Wear longer tops, such as tunics to cover the waist band so there is no peek a boo happening.  Unless you have extra cute underwear on, then I say it show it off! This a great time time to start playing with layering. You already are going to feel self conscious at times because nothing fits like it used to. So I say this is the best time to experiment and have a bit of fun with your style! Try new things that you may not have ever thought of. For me that is more body conscious pieces.  But I will discuss my prudish behavior more in detail later.... 

ps, all the pieces worn in post are all available now and on sale, so for all you newly pregnant woman or not go, run and shop!