Miriam Sternoff


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(sweater-h&m, Skirt- leith (similar here), leather jacket-zara (similar here)- , sneakers-adidas

cross body bag-vince, sunglasses-steven alan)

(photos by andrea gagne)

When I first found out I was pregnant, one of my first thoughts was how will I dress the first few months, as it will be winter and I couldn't imagine having to layer under coats or wear winter appropriate pieces. I am also more of a pant, jean girl but the thought of wearing pants just seemed so uncomfortable and realized I may have to embrace the idea of skirts and dresses. Now  I realize I live in LA so the term winter takes on a bit of a different meaning, however it does get cold here and I am someone who is cold in the middle of summer. I am lucky that for the most part because of the mild winters that I can wear bare legs while layering more on the top half.  So I am now embracing skirts and dresses more, and to go even further I am embracing the more body conscious pieces which I have never really worn before. I do not like to show off my body too much, I never show off my legs and I think my knees are baggy (don't ask). But being pregnant or not my motto is comfort without sacrificing style. So bring on the body con because it's just down right comfy and that is key at this stage in life right now. whether pregnant or not, if you are wearing something more form fitting on top or bottom you should balance it out with drapier or more oversized/longer silhouettes to balance your look out. Remember while layering to not layer bulky pieces under bulky coats, you will just end up well looking bulky. To finish off the layered look throw on a leather moto jacket that is shorter than top, wrap an oversized scarf around you and voila you have winter in LA.