Miriam Sternoff

70's vibes

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(striped shirt- j. crew, denim shirt- gap(similar here), skirt- zara, blazer- zara

knee high boots- guess)

(photos by o'neal mcknight)


Although it is currently almost 90 degrees in LA, I do not want to let go of winter or layers just yet. So I figured just go for gold and layer everything all at once. Adding layers while pregnant may seem a little backwards as you would think it would make you look bigger then you already are but somehow it seems to be working. It's all about the kind of layers and playing with proportions.  Since I have slightly but not all together given up on jeans these days, as they are just not so comfy anymore,  I simply refuse to just quite denim all together, so thank goodness my denim shirt collection is just as massive as my jean collection. Tying the denim shirt at waist or what ever is left of my waist line broke up the layers and created a waist line as well as just an extra styling detail. Playing with textures and prints also is key when layering up. Somehow I ended up channeling my inner 70's child a la Farrah Fawcett and Jane Birkin which I am happy to emulate any day.