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Sometimes after a long day of work shopping and prepping for clients, the last thing I want to think about is getting myself dressed. Especially at this phase of my life being 6 months pregnant it takes every ounce of energy to even get off the couch. This particular day, I was shopping all day for a new client for a video shoot and that night had to go to a gala which required black tie attire. So many issues with this, as who has black tie attire just hanging in their closet that will fit while pregnant? Not me. As I stared longingly at my new pajamas I had just bought from Topshop wishing all I could do was throw them on and crawl into bed. It dawned on me that I might not be able to crawl into bed but I can still throw them on. So with my 15 dollar pajamas that I bought on sale and a velvet blazer paired with some strappy heels I was out the door and could not have been happier or more comfortable. And you best believe that when I came home all I did was take off shoes and blazer and crawled right into bed.  So whether you are into wearing PJ's out in the world or just want that pajama inspired look, a fees pics below for inspo.