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(trench coat- topshop(similar here), dress-hatch, sneakers-converse, hat-j.crew, tote bag-zara)

(images by o'neal mcknight)


Since the minute I found out I was pregnant, I vowed to myself I would not lose my personal aesthetic as far as my style is concerned. I have been able to sustain that thus far, and even tried a few new things style wise along the way.  But as I approach the last month of pregnancy, I am finding it a bit more difficult to feel like me. I have never been someone who thinks ahead of time what I am going to wear for most occasions. I find when I put too much thought into an outfit I end up feeling uncomfortable wishing I was in something else.  Now however I find myself having  to plan a bit more. I am at a point where I just do not fit into anything anymore. Everything is just getting bigger and bigger. Namely my thighs. So I find dresses is the way to go for this last leg of the race. Thank the pregnant gods for this dress from Hatch collection, since I have been living in it and will continue to do so for another month. Perfect with sneakers or sandals it's my savior of all saviors never making me feel un me