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(dress- legoe, denim jacket- fear of god, shoes- brian atwood)

(images by micaela beckwith)


There is just something about navy, especially when you come across the perfect shade of navy. And yes, there is such thing as not quite the right shade. It can either read to dark where you cannot tell if it is black or too blue to not be true navy. You want to find a shade that you can put in that neutral color category so you can wear it with any color. And when I say any color I specifically mean black! There are those silly misconceptions you cannot pair navy and black, when in actuality there is nothing chicer that pairing the two. Legoe, which has been one of my go to designers throughout my pregnancy has managed to not only find the perfect shade, but to design the perfect dress. I have worn it with sneakers, flats and heels, it is the perfect transition dress from day to night. Not to mention will be the perfect transition dress from pregnancy to postpartum and with a bit of tailoring I can implement into my wardrobe for the long haul.