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(denim-citizens of humanity, plaid shirt-sara, tank top-theory, vest-topshop(similar here)

sunglasses-stella mccartney, brogues-steve madden)

(photos by o'neal mcknight)


Throughout my pregnancy I have made it my mission and basically have had an aversion to buying "maternity" wear. Around 7 or so months I realized I was going to have to hang up my pre pregnancy denim and was going to have to go without my second skin. Denim is the one thing that I was going to have to make an exception on. However after a vast search, I just couldn't find a pair that didn't feel like I was wearing maternity jeans. They either looked like jeggings (another aversion of mine) or just didn't feel like true denim. And being that I am a denim head, I was not willing to sacrifice fit, feel and aesthetics in this case. That is until my friends over at a new company, Tilden introduced me to a specific pair of Citizens Of Humanity jeans.

What I love about this specific style is they actually feel and fit like a true denim without compromising style. From the distressed wash to the lower rise in the front with soft elastic panels that fit right underneath my belly makes them so comfortable. The best part is they have a button, a real button that I can actually close. Which for me is a biggy, as it makes me feel like I haven't just given up and gone all elastic waist on everything. And let's be real it's all about the way something makes you feel at this point in the game. I only wish I had found these earlier than 9 months pregnant, as I could have been wearing them for months. At least I have them now, and as I keep saying if you are going to buy maternity make sure you can wear those pieces after baby arrives. I know I will be living in these until I can get back into my pre pregnancy size.