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(dress-alc, shoes-steve madden(old), hat-j.crew, bag-vince(similar)

stroller-uppababy, car seat canopy-aidenandanais)

(photos by sarah mccolgan)


I first came across this ALC dress one day while prepping for a job at Nordstrom, and couldn't stop thinking about it for days. But I just couldn't pull the trigger to go back and get it as I am trying to not buy things while I am in this in between sizes phase due to postpartum. 2 weeks later I find myself back at Nordstrom prepping for another job which called for easy relaxed all white pieces. So I couldn't leave it behind, you know cause the job called for it.  It just so happened to be my current size so I decided to just try it on just for the sake of trying it on, and clearly that was a mistake since it never got returned with all the other pieces I had pulled for my job. I justified the purchase for several reasons 1. It's just amazing, duh. 2. Even when I lose weight it will be amazing a tad bit drapey. 3. The more you wear it, the more lived in and wrinkled it gets and it just looks that much more effortless.  4. And probably the most important, it is nursing friendly as it buttons all the way up. So all in all a win win am I right?