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(lace camisole-mayana geneviere)


When I first found out I was pregnant one of my first thoughts was oh shit, I am going to have to wear a bra now. Not to say that I never wore a bra but I definitely was never wearing more then what would be considered a 12 year olds training bra. You now those little triangle things that barely do a thing? I still ended up wearing a version of a triangle bra throughout my whole pregnancy. It may not have been the best choice but I did it nonetheless. I knew I wasn't going to get away with that once I had the baby, so my search for a nursing bra commenced. I was so completely confused and disappointed that my options seemed limited. I mean I love a good sports bra, but does every nursing bra need to look like one? As pregnant and postpartum women we already feel unlike ourselves and perhaps not at our sexiest. And why oh why would a nursing bra be padded? Like your boobs aren't big enough because of pregnancy and then even bigger when your milk comes in?! And lastly all the snaps and hooks, isn't it enough you will have a baby hanging from your body every minute of the day? 

I had about given up until I came across an angel, her name is Nadine Woods.  Her company Mayana Geneviere lingerie is every womans answer to nursing wear and postpartum recovery garments. She basically makes the anti nursing bra if that makes any sense. These bras are not a far cry from my beloved triangle bras. They are black, lacey and sexy. There are no snaps, hooks, or fumbling fingers trying to feed your baby. just simply pull the soft cup down and voila. The cherry on top is that they have this little ring clasp in the middle of the bra that slides back and forth, so you can remember which side you last nursed on. If you are anything like me by the time 3pm hits and have nursed for what seems like the 100th time that day, I need a little reminder. last but not least they come in real cup sizes. No more guessing!  I haven't taken these bras off since they came into my life and will continue to wear them probably beyond my nursing days, as they are just the good.